The Elite Karting League

It is with a heavy heart that I have to tell you that from today, EKL will no longer run.

As a family, we have had to face some massive changes in both our personal and business lives in the last few months, and as you might appreciate, this has meant that we have had to make some hard decisions. This one has been the hardest for me, as EKL has been my personal project for the last six years.

I want to thank you all for the great times we have shared, the screaming and shouting, the agreements and the disagreements - thank you for supporting us for all this time.

I know that so many of you have put so much into this championship already this year, which has made the decision even harder. I would therefore like to offer everyone involved in EKL the opportunity to finish the season. To that end, we will be running ten EKL karts in the last three rounds of EPEC this year, just for the EKL teams (more details to follow). We will add these scores to your existing championship table so that we will still have a winner at the end of the season.

For 2017, we will also no longer be running EPEC. This will still go ahead, but with a different team organising it.

We will still be running the 24hr races as a championship in their own right, and will be adding some interesting new venues, payment options and prizes to the existing line-up. Any EKL teams wishing to take part in the 24hr championship will of course be well looked after.

Many thanks,
Kat Franklin
For and on behalf of the
Elite Karting League